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I recently got to try KNC Beauty all natural collagen infused lip mask, and let me say what a game changer! I have super dry lips, but I love lipsticks especially matte ones because they last all day, so I always had to turn to lip exfoliators to get my lips to be somewhat soft before and after I used the liquid lipsticks, if not my lips would be even more dry and crusty. Some of the matte lipsticks I can't wear because they make my already dry lips even more dry! So when I received this package I was super excited to try it!


It came in a really cute pink bag with lips on it and the package came with 5 lip masks. I was so eager to try the lip mask, especially with the cold weather in LA lately my lips were in need of this mask. They come individually packaged,

I opened one of those puppies up and put it on. The mask itself is kind of a hard jelly, if that makes sense, and come in a plastic that you are suppose to peel off and put on your lips. It sticks to your lips/skin without moving, it adheres to your skin without any irritation,  you are suppose to keep it on for 15-20 minutes. I kept it on the whole 20 mins ( I NEEDED the conditioning, my lips were super chapped ) At first I didn't feel anything but after a few minutes you start to feel a bit of a tingle, kind of when you put on a lip plumper, no pain whatsoever just a tingle sensation on my lips.  I could feel it doing something to my lips. After the 20 minutes I was eager to see how my lips looked. I took the mask off and my lips felt conditioned, hydrated, moisturized and it plumped my lips, not insanely plumped but a good plump! I LOVED IT! My lips felt super smooth, and they looked great and not dry at all. The mask is a one time use, the package contains 5 and it says you should use 2-3 times a week, I think you can get away with using once a week or whenever you feel the need, perhaps a night out in the town, the best part is that they are individually packaged so you can take it on vacation with you, putting one of these on an airplane would be great!. Of course if you want to see long lasting results use it the way it is intended 2-3 times a week.  The best part of the mask is that its all Natural! We already use a lot of products that contain chemicals that we really shouldn't be using.  We usually tend to forget about our lips, we always get masks for our faces and hair but not for our lips then of course not a lot of brands make masks for lips! This KNC Beauty Lip Mask is really good, especially for me and my dry lips!

Thanks to KNC Beauty for sending these masks for me to try out, I definitely loved it and my chapped lips are truly grateful! I am going get more because nobody likes dry, chapped lips, but also I am going to get some for my makeup kit for my clients, I already carry face masks for those red carpet events, so this would be a great addition to my kit.




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